Kinesiology Tape: IT Band Pain

Learn about IT band pain taping. TBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome) is common in runners, hence the designation as Runner’s Knee. However, it can be created by any movement that repeatedly causes the knee to pass back and forth across the 30 degree position.

The IT band is a fibrous connective tissue that attaches at the hip, runs down the outside of the thigh, and finally attaches on the outside of the shin bone just below the knee. Its primary purpose is to extend the knee and move the leg away from the body to the side. It is also extremely important for stabilization of the knee during running.

Friction and irritation is common as the IT band crosses a bony prominence on the outside of the knee on its way to the shin bone. Pain is usually most noticeable when running downhill and can range from a sharp sensation on the outside of the knee to pain along the entire IT Band. The sore spot is typically painful to the touch.

Frequently ITBS is seen in runner’s who are often running on banked surfaces, doing excessive hill training, or running up and down stairs or bleachers. Typical treatment includes resting, icing, and light stretching. Massage therapy and the use of a foam roller can be helpful to some. The KT Tape application for ITBS is very helpful in relieving much of the associated pain by increasing blood flow and providing functional support. These functions also help to promote the healing process by taking stress off of the IT Band.

Proper diagnosis of the source of your pain is vital to creating a treatment plan to reduce pain and improve function. Your professional medical provider has the tools and expertise to diagnose and develop a treatment plan for your specific condition.