Radiofrequency Ablation for Facet Joint Nerve

Radiofrequency ablation, sometimes referred to as RFA, is a minimally invasive treatment for cancer. It is an image-guided technique that heats and destroys cancer cells.

A radiofrequency neurotomy is a type of injection procedure used to treat facet joint pain or sacroiliac joint pain caused by arthritis or other degenerative changes, or from an injury.

Facet joints - pairs of small joints that are situated at each vertebral level in the back of the spine. Each facet joint is connected to 2 medial branch nerves that carry signals (including pain signals) away from the spine to the brain.


Kinesiology Tape for Ankle Stability

Learn about ankle stability. This application can be used for a variety of ankle issues including ankle sprains, stretched ligaments, inflamed tendons, or general ankle weakness.

Kinesiology Tape for Wrist Pain

Learn about wrist pain taping. The wrist is made up of eight small bones (carpals) that support a narrow passage called the carpal tunnel.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Surgery

The animated video describes the procedure involved in the orthopaedic procedure involving the ACL joint. Each stage of the procedure is explained and the video ends with what to do and what to avoid post-surgery.

Women's Health Issues - Alternative Health

Nick Avery, describes how difficult it is to treat hormone problems because even if you have a blood test progesterone and oestrogen vary widely within the normal range.

How to Take an Enema

Many self-given enemas used at home are the packaged, disposable, buffered sodium phosphate solutions in single-use bottles sold under a variety of brand names, or in generic formats.