Tooth Whitening (Tooth Bleaching)

Whiteness HP Blue is a product that gathers the technology of the best bleaching dental systems and the new worldwide dentistry tendencies towards conservative and safety techniques for in-office bleaching procedures.

Weight Loss Drugs

Learn about weight loss drugs. Weight loss drugs are designed to help people who are classified as obese lose weight. Obesity is an increasing epidemic in Western societies.

IVF Injection

With IVF, the woman is stimulated with subcutaneously injected medications to develop multiple egg development. Subcutaneous injections are given with a very small needle, just under the skin.

Causes of Declining Libido in Women

That sexual drive declines naturally with age based on physiological factors. But sexual desire also encompasses interpersonal and psychological factors that create a willingness to be sexual.

Spinal Anesthesia Technique

Spinal anaesthetic - a type of regional anaesthetic used to give total numbness lasting about three hours to the lower parts of the body so that surgery can be safely carried out in this area.

Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia Procedure

Spinal and epidural anesthesia are medicines that numb parts of your body to block pain. They are given through shots in or around the spine. You will stay awake during both of these types of anesthesia.

Arterial Line Insertion Procedure

An arterial line is a fine plastic tube, called a cannula, which is inserted into the patients’ artery. The cannula is attached to a transducer and infusion line (drip).


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