Alternative Health Videos

Alternative Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Learn about alternative treatments for multiple sclerosis (MS). A nutritionist and physical therapist who both suffers from Multiple Sclerosis herself and has pioneered a combination of nutrition.

Alternative Treatments for Cancer

Learn about therapy of cancer. Dr. Robert Jacobs, a Naturopath and cancer expert asks why is that we get particular types of cancer and the relevance of pollutants and free radicals.

Alternative Therapy for Low Back Pain

Mr Henry Crock, Orthopaedics Hammersmith Hospital describes the workings of the spine and the problems affecting the back and why resulting pain happens.

Mother and Child - Alternative Health

Dr. Tim Evans, a GP who focuses on mothers and babies reminds us of the life-changing experience of having a child. Later on in the programme he describes the problems of sleep deprivation and depression in more detail.

Women's Health Issues - Alternative Health

Nick Avery, describes how difficult it is to treat hormone problems because even if you have a blood test progesterone and oestrogen vary widely within the normal range.

Men's Health - Alternative Health

Learn about men's health. Throughout the programme he introduces the different issues: stress, prostate health, exercise and maintaining your identity as you get older.

Alternative Treatments for Insomnia

Dr. Chris Idzikowski, opens the programme by stressing that one of the main problems with insomnia is worrying about sleep and trying too hard to do something about it.


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